Insufficient sleep: weekends are not advisable

Insufficient sleep: weekends are not advisable

The pace of life is accelerating, work, learning intensity and other reasons cause urban people to sleep less often, so the weekend “filling up” has become a weekly “reservation program” for office workers – do not sleep until noon.

  Appropriate “complement” can be considered as a kind of “compensation” for the human body, which helps to restore sufficient strength. However, if the sleeping time is too long, the body tissue will remain stagnant for a long time, but it will cause back pain and body weakness.
Therefore, sleep is heavy in peacetime, and weekend “fixing” may be counterproductive.

  People who have supplemented their weekends often find that after getting up, they are usually weak, dizzy, inattention and other symptoms are not relieved, but more serious.

Because sleep is not as good as possible, people need to sleep 7-8 hours a day, more and less.

Too much “filling up” is actually an ineffective sleep, which is a waste of time.

Moreover, once a week, the change of sleep time can not adapt to its own biological clock, which will lead to a certain degree of neurasthenia, and even affect the endocrine of the digestive tract, loss of appetite, the feeling of fullness of food deposition in the stomach, and serious digestiveUlcers or diseases such as coronary heart disease.

  In addition to using the weekend’s “sense”, it is also very common to “fix” on the bus.

Every day before going to work, I often see a lot of passengers on the bus, and the headrests are closed and rehabilitated. Some young people who look like office workers sleep more.

This kind of practice is also not desirable, because people can only fully eliminate fatigue after experiencing “deep sleep” in sleep. However, sleeping in a car, snoring, is easily interfered by various factors, the car is shaking, the light isStimulation, the influence of sound, etc. are not easy to make people enter deep sleep, unless sleepiness can not be eliminated, and then the cervical vertebrae are injured during sudden braking, or the symptoms of stiff neck are present.

  The biological clock is the circadian rhythm of everyone. Only by following this law can we guarantee our physical health.

Long-term “complement” to bed, will disrupt the body’s essence of the biological clock, causing metabolic disorders, leading to chronic insomnia.

Therefore, you should develop good habits and routines, try to avoid staying up late, do not wait until the weekend to make up.