Early symptoms of diabetic foot, do you know what to do to prevent diabetes?

Early symptoms of diabetic foot, do you know what to do to prevent diabetes?

Diabetic foot is mainly a complication of diabetes. If the patient has diabetes, it is a precursor to diabetic foot.

Diabetic foot, also known as diabetic gangrene, commonly known as rotten leg, is an important cause of chronic chronic disability and death.

The main cause is vascular embolism in diabetic patients, which leads to peripheral nerve injury, insufficient blood supply to the lower extremity arteries, and bacterial infection.

Do you understand the early symptoms of diabetic foot?

How to prevent it everyday?

Early symptoms of diabetic foot disease 1, transitional claudication: early diabetic foot due to insufficient blood supply, to the lower limbs fatigue, numbness, fatigue, pain, can be relieved after rest; 2, paresthesia: numbness of hands and feet, tingling, burning sensation, severeLoss of feeling; 3, color change of foot drop: when the foot is drooping, microvascular expansion, arterial blood pressure is low, blood flow is slow, skin is thin and purple-red, such as raising the lower limb 30?
60 seconds, see the back of the foot is obviously pale; 4, bone, muscle changes: muscle atrophy, bow-shaped foot or claw-like toe, bone decalcification, bone destruction; 5, rest pain, night pain: lower limb phalanges cause rest painThe blood output of the heart is reduced, and the pain is aggravated at night. 6. Skin manifestations: malnutrition to dry skin, no sweat, brittle and inelastic, thin, pale.

How to prevent diabetic foot?

1, wash your feet with warm water every day, it is best to wash your feet with warm soapy water every day, wash them in time, then dry them, then apply moisturizers and other skin care products.

As the sugar friend’s foot may feel sensation, it is not sensitive to the water temperature, and the water temperature is too high, which may cause burns.

Therefore, it is best to try the water temperature manually before washing your feet. Warm up.

Sugar friends can wash their feet for 10 to 20 minutes each time. Do not soak for a long time.

In addition, if the sugar friend finds broken skin, bullae, chickenpox, impetigo and burns, do not wash your feet.

2, carefully nailed nails after washing the feet, sugar friends’ toenail armor is best to re-square, but do not have sharp corners, otherwise it is easy to stab the surrounding skin, resulting in ingrown.

In addition, the induration on the foot (old callus) should be handled by a professional doctor, do not cut it without authorization, if you are not careful, it is easy to hurt the foot, leading to ulcers and infection.

3, to prevent fungal infection of the foot excessive breeding of fungi, causing infection.

In order to prevent foot fracture infection, sprays containing tolazine or miconazole can be sprayed in sports shoes.

Sweating sugar friends can add a small amount of vinegar to the foot wash water to prevent fungal growth and prevent athlete’s foot.

4, check your feet every day, sugar friends should check their feet (including toe seams) every day.

Check for problems such as redness, bruising, blisters or broken skin.

If you find it, you should see your doctor promptly.

There are many old people who can’t bend over to see the soles of the feet. If this happens, the sugar friends can check the mirror or ask the family to check the soles.

5, wearing light-colored cotton socks, sugar friends choose light-colored socks, it is easier to find whether there is bleeding point in the foot.

Sugar friends should not wear 100% cotton socks that are slow to dry and are not conducive to moisture.

It is best to choose a blended socks that is breathable and resistant to fungal growth.

6, feet avoid too hot and too cold environment Diabetes often combined with vascular lesions or neuropathy, can cause poor blood circulation in the feet, feelings are reduced or missing, susceptible to environmental factors affecting the occurrence of diabetic foot.

Hot spots such as thermos, heaters or fireplaces can easily cause swelling or burns on the feet of sugar friends.

In addition, in a cold environment, sugar friends should wear warm boots and warm socks to prevent frostbite.

[Tips]: After reading the above introduction, I hope to understand the harmfulness of diabetic foot, which can help people to correctly treat this disease, and it is very important to do active prevention and treatment to effectively change the disease.