[Grain cereals for lowering blood pressure]_Hypertension_How to eat

[Grain cereals for lowering blood pressure]_Hypertension_How to eat

High blood pressure is very dangerous to human health. If the blood pressure is too high and it is not controlled in time, it is likely to cause various high-risk diseases and pose a certain threat to the life of patients.

There are many ways to lower blood pressure. In addition to using antihypertensive drugs, you can also eat more grains that can lower blood pressure in your daily life. You can say the following.

1. Oatmeal As an anti-fatigue and cold-resistant food, it can also be used as a medicine. Han books record that oatmeal can be used for maternal lactation and treatment of infant malnutrition and old age and body failure, heat detoxification and other symptoms.

Oatmeal also has a very good hypoglycemic ability for people with diabetes.

Chinese medicine believes that oats are sweet and flat, and can cure asthma.

The most highly regarded health ingredient in oats is beta-glucan, which is a micro-fiber that can give oats a sticky texture.

Studies have shown that beta-glucan in oats has a blood lipid-lowering effect, which can lower low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (“bad” plasma) in the blood without affecting high-density lipoprotein plasma (“good” plasma).Level.

In addition, the minimum glycemic index of oats can help control blood sugar.

Oats are also effective in preventing constipation and bowel cancer.

2, buckwheat buckwheat can lower blood lipids, enhance blood vessel elasticity, prevent blood clotting, and is a good heart-care food.

In addition, its effect on lowering blood pressure and helping sleep is also very good.

Buckwheat is also a good intestine scavenger, and the fiber content is 6 times that of ordinary white rice, so it is called “clean intestine”.

3. Beans Beans are cheap, safe and effective foods that lower blood and cholesterol. As long as you eat half a bowl of beans a day, you can reduce the bad cholesterol concentration in your blood by 20% within 8 weeks.

Beans contain a variety of cholesterol-lowering effective ingredients, the most important of which is the soluble and insoluble fiber in beans.

4. Indica is also called indica, its protein content is much higher than that of rice, its surface is high, it is easy to digest and absorb, it can reduce the burden and enhance its physique.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that barley rice is sweet and slightly cold, and has the effects of strengthening the spleen, reinforcing the lungs, clearing heat, and dampening dampness.

Modern research proves that barley has anti-tumor effects, enhances immunity, and lowers the three higher effects.