Autumn health – qi deficiency articles

Autumn health – qi deficiency articles

The main manifestations of qi deficiency are: less gas lazy, easy to sweat, dizziness, heart, tiredness, low voice, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, pale complexion, soft heat, spontaneous sweating, uterine ptosis, rectal prolapse, pale tongueFat, there are scallops on the tongue, weak pulse, etc., qi deficiency is a function of decline, not necessarily sick, qi deficiency need to qi.

The further development of qi deficiency is yang deficiency.

Food for replenishing temper 1, sweet potato sweet, flat, spleen and stomach.

Role: spleen and stomach, benefit Qi, wide stomach.

It is suitable for the spleen and stomach to be weak, thin and weak, and less diarrhea.

More food is easy to cause acid reflux, metabolic metabolism.

2, the potato is sweet and flat.

Role: qi, spleen.

Suitable for spleen weakness, loss of appetite, indigestion.

Germinated potato buds and skin are poisonous and do not eat.

3, yam is sweet, flat, spleen, lung, kidney.

Role: qi and spleen, nourishing Yin and lung, kidney and solid.

It is suitable for temper weakness, eating less stools, and chronic diarrhea.

Those who are wet and stagnate are not eating.


The mushrooms are sweet and flat.

Role: benefit stomach, support for acne.

Suitable for weak spleen and stomach, loss of appetite, fatigue and fatigue.

Belongs to hair, and, allergic diseases are not eaten.


Red dates are sweet, warm, spleen, stomach.

Role: tonic spleen and stomach, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves.

It is suitable for the spleen and stomach to be weak, the food is thin and thin, and the fatigue is weak.

Qi stagnation, damp heat and no food.


Chestnuts are sweet, warm, spleen, stomach, kidney.

Role: spleen and stomach, kidney and strong tendons, blood circulation to stop bleeding.

Suitable for spleen deficiency, less nausea, diarrhea.

People with qi stagnation and bloating do not eat.

Invigorating qi: Ginseng root is sweet, slightly bitter, warm, has the effect of regulating qi and nourishing blood, soothing the nerves, relieving cough, nourishing and strengthening the body. It is known as the “king of the grass”.

Return to the spleen, lung, kidney, can replenish temper, for temper weakness, fatigue, fatigue, eating less stool.

Replenishing the lungs, used for weak lungs, cough, weakness, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, low cough, cough and thin.

Benefit kidney and help kidney yang.

Suitable for shortness of breath caused by kidney deficiency, or shortness of breath, but also for a long time, lung and kidney deficiency, as well as kidney yang deficiency, kidney essence deficiency, impotence and cold syndrome.

Astragalus is sweet and warm.

Return to the lungs, spleen.

Efficacy qi and solid table, diuretic toxic, pus, astringent sore muscle.

From a physical point of view, the yellow-brown is most suitable for people with qi and spleen and wet type. This kind of person is often pudgy, muscles are soft, especially the abdominal muscles are soft.
People who are very thin and strong are not suitable.