Old people often bite their tongues may be brain diseases

Old people often bite their tongues may be brain diseases

Core Tip: The elderly should bite their tongues and pay attention to them. They may have lacunar infarction. What are the symptoms of this disease?

  From small to large, we often hear the old man say, “Bite your tongue is a fleshy meat”, but it is not.

Older people often bite their tongues and must check for a lacunar infarction.

The incidence of the disease is relatively hidden, often missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis.

Therefore, once the elderly have dizziness, headache, limb numbness, love to bite the tongue, poor fine movements, etc., it is necessary to seek medical advice in time.

  In the early symptoms of lacunar infarction, there are mild symptoms such as biting tongue and poor fine movement, which are easily overlooked.

This disease can cause infarction of the local microvascular in the brain, the size of the brain tissue, necrosis, and thus the ability of the tongue to lose flexible movement.

The disease is a high incidence and special cerebral infarction, often occurs in the elderly with high blood pressure, high blood fat, and diabetes.

  Clinically, a large number of lacunar infarction patients are often diagnosed because of headache, dizziness, transient arm numbness, bad mouth or aphasia.

Others find themselves suffering from a physical examination or brain CT or MRI because of other diseases.

Although most patients with lacunar infarction have mild symptoms and are mostly transient, it is not easy to leave obvious sequelae, but it sends a dangerous signal to the patient – you already have cerebrovascular diseaseIf you don’t attack early, it will threaten your life.

Therefore, once the elderly are found to have recently bitten their tongue, or have dizziness, headache, unstable walking, and unclear speech, they must seek medical attention as soon as possible.