[Analytical Posture]

[Analytical Posture]

Missionary Posture: Missionary Posture is like a sex lesson: This is the way we “inculcate” sex, and we often see it in romantic comedies and TV shows.

Although this pose is typical, a person who likes to use a missionary pose feels a little upset or “needs his lover to react easily to make him feel at ease”, this is the author of neurolovology and sexual therapist AvaCadellThe doctor said.

Since the missionary pose gives you all the driving force, you may prefer to be in a position during sex.

Because this pose is a face-to-face pairing, it gives people a sense of intimacy to make love-but there is a basic suggestion that when someone moves around an important part of a man, he will feel less confident.

“It’s romantic and not very risky.

“Cadell said.

Suggestions for improvement: There is nothing wrong with loving classics, but be sure to get in touch with new things.

“If you can reach orgasm only when you use a missionary pose, that’s a problem,” Cadell said, and you need to make some changes to your sex life.

Try to get women on it. The intimacy of this pose is the same, but it will make you less involved-it will add interest to you.