Eat these low-fat foods at night to help lose weight

Eat these low-fat foods at night to help lose weight

As the saying goes, “One white covers a hundred ugliness, one fat destroys all”, in this age of thinness and beauty, many female friends choose not to eat food at night in order to lose weight, which not only has no effect, but also causes harm to the body.

In fact, eating some low-fat and low-migration foods, not only will not grow meat, will help to lose weight.

  1, spinach per 100 grams of spinach contains only 24 calories, but it contains a lot of vitamin A and iron.

If you feel hungry at night, you can make some spinach salad, boiled spinach or even eat it directly after washing, because spinach can not be overcooked, otherwise the nutrients inside can be wasted.

  2, tomatoes and tomatoes are rich in rich fiber, can promote the growth of probiotics in the body, and the pectin contained in it can also absorb the stomach, making people feel full.

The lycopene contained in tomatoes also helps to fight against oxidation, while suppressing the increase of trace cells while slimming down.

It is best to eat tomatoes in the evening to eat tomatoes, which can be made into salads.

  3, black fungus black fungus has absorption of absorption, regular consumption is conducive to the body’s waste generated in time.

Black fungus has better disintegration function for gallstones and kidney stones. The role of black fungus is because it contains plant alkali which promotes the secretion of various glands in the digestive tract and urinary tract. Plant alkali can coordinate these secretions to catalyze stones., lubricating intermediates.

  4, in addition to soybeans, soy beans, other beans will not gain weight at night.

Bean foods are rich in protein and a small amount of small amounts, providing energy to the body without worrying about hoarding.

In the evening, you can use a soy bean to squeeze a cup of soy milk. You can still warm your stomach when you are full, but be careful not to add sugar.

  5, corn and corn are rich in calcium, phosphorus, selenium and lecithin, vitamin E, etc., all have the effect of lowering serum cholesterol.

The Indians have almost no high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, which is mainly due to their corn-based diet.

  6, potato potato is considered to be the most nutritious natural slimming food, contains no traces and glucose, the conversion is also very low (only 21% of the weight of rice), and contains a very rich soft viscosity fiber, can bring very highThe feeling of fullness (satisfaction is three times that of an equal volume of white bread, six times that of an equal weight of rice).

  7, yogurt yogurt is rich in probiotics, can continue to hoard, promote slight decomposition, unexpected slimming effect, especially to help remove the lower body.

Moreover, probiotics can also regulate the balance of intestinal flora, eliminate spoilage bacteria, promote the discharge of toxins, enhance immunity in the body, and exert the effect of detoxification and beauty.

  8, grape, grape juice and wine like a resveratrol, is a natural substance that can lower cholesterol.

Animal experiments have also shown that it can lower cholesterol and inhibit platelet aggregation, so glucose is one of the best foods for patients with hyperlipidemia.

  9, cantaloupe can not grow fat when eating cantaloupe at night.

Cantaloupe is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, which can meet the body’s demand for vitamins. The trace elements contained in cantaloupe, minerals and other ingredients can still have good health effects, and cantaloupe is low in sugar and suitable for weight loss, but pay attention to the evening.Cantaloupe should not be eaten to avoid diarrhea.

  10, whole wheat bread compared to ordinary white bread, whole wheat bread to 9% less big card conversion, protein content is 20% more, vitamin B more double, more comprehensive nutrition.

So if you eat a few whole-grain breads at night, you can fill them up. The alternative cellulose can also promote gastrointestinal motility, prevent and treat constipation, and not burden the body.