Spend a small amount of money to get rid of the airport

Spend a small amount of money to get rid of the “airport”

Anyone who loves beauty doesn’t want to be an “airport”. Who doesn’t want to be “flat”. But it’s true that the breast media advertisements of the major media are discouraged. It doesn’t matter if they spend money, it doesn’t work, and it’s really a bad idea.”It’s better to cook your own food, buy some ingredients that you can get at your fingertips, and spend a little money to be healthy and proud. Let’s take a look at these three breast enhancement foods!
  First, rock sugar white fungus raw materials: 30 grams of white fungus, red cherry 脯 20 grams, crystal sugar amount.
  System of law: 1.
Soak the white fungus with warm water, remove it after the silver ear is opened, remove the root of the ear, wash it into a bowl, and steam it for about 10 minutes before taking it out.

Wash the soup pot, set it on a light fire, add water to the rock sugar, dissolve it, put it into the cherry simmer, then place it on the fire and boil it. Pour the pot into the white fungus bowl and serve.
  Features: red and white, bright and colorful, sweet and soft.
  Efficacy: 1.
Tremella has the power of strengthening the kidney, nourishing the intestines and tonifying the stomach, supplementing the qi and blood, strengthening the mind, replenishing the brain, refreshing the skin, and prolonging the life.
The effect of Tremella Beauty is also to remove freckles and chloasma on the face, and become a common thing for beauty masters.
  2.Cherry is sweet, sour, warm, has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, benefiting the spleen and nourishing the stomach.
Minnan Materia Medica says cherry: cure all deficiency syndrome, can make up the vitality and moisturize the skin.
The famous doctor does not record it, it also says that it is tempered, good temper, good color, beautiful.
Cherries are nutritious.
After the menstrual period, the young woman eats some cherries, which can not only replenish the blood lost during menstruation, but also make the skin beautiful and attractive.
  Second, milk stewed peanuts Ingredients: 100 grams of peanuts, 20 grams of wolfberry, 30 grams of white fungus, milk 1500 ml, crystal sugar amount.
  System of law: 1.
Wash the white fungus, phase notes, and peanuts.
  2.Put the milk, white fungus, hazelnuts, peanuts, and rock sugar into the pot and cook until the peanuts are cooked.
  Features: Peanuts are smashed, soup milk is thick, slightly sweet, with white fungus, oysters, peanuts and soup.
  Efficacy: peanuts, milk, nutritious, beneficial to human health.
This dish can nourish and nourish blood, and the woman with flat breasts caused by weak blood can be eaten regularly.
  Third, walnut kernel potato balls Ingredients: 500 grams of potatoes, 75 grams of walnuts, white sugar, wet starch, peanut oil, the right amount.
  System of law: 1.
Peel the potatoes, wash them, steam them in a cage, knead them into a puree, add wet starch, and mix well with white sugar.
  2.Adjust the mashed potatoes into 30 points, each squash, wrap the appropriate amount of walnuts, make a potato ball, and fry in a hot oil pan until golden brown, pan the pan and sprinkle with sugar.
  Features: crispy and tender outside, sweet and pleasant, can be eaten as snacks.
  Efficacy: potatoes contain richer vitamin E walnuts per 100 grams containing vitamin E43.
21 mg, also contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, etc., walnuts contain higher calories, and the food is fat.
This dish is good for women’s breasts, especially for thin women, which is good for body shape.