What should I do if the elderly have calf cramps at night?

What should I do if the elderly have calf cramps at night?

When too many people sleep at night, they often have calf cramps, which can cause awakening. After getting up, the symptoms will be relieved. After going to sleep, they will be cramped, so that they will not be restless all night.

Calf cramps are medically known as gastrocnemius tendons, which occur for many reasons. Calcium deficiency, anemia, varicose veins of the lower extremities, malnutrition, tuberculosis, cardiovascular, etc. can cause this disease.

Especially in humans, due to poor local blood circulation or metabolic materials are more likely to occur.

The calf cramps should not be nervous first. The lower limbs can relax immediately. The pain can be hot and massage the gastrocnemius muscles or rub the sputum oil, or even acupuncture Chengshan points, vouchers, etc., repeated authors can add sedatives.

  Due to the decline of various physiological functions, humans are prone to a negative balance of calcium metabolism, which is prone to cramps or fractures.

In order to prevent calf cramps at night, the elderly should eat more nutritious foods with high calcium content, such as milk, beans, shrimp skin, sesame paste, kelp, etc., and also add calcium powder such as bone meal and calcium lactate to the food.

Add some vinegar to the dishes and soups cooked for the elderly or put a few hawthorns and plums to promote the dissolution of food calcium, which is easily absorbed by the body.

In addition, the winter season should pay attention to the lower limbs to keep warm – especially at the time.

Usually, physical exercise and exercise should be strengthened, and the calf muscles should be massaged daily to promote local blood circulation.